What CCTV technology does Tudor CCTV use?

We use the best brands and technology available on the market. Our extensive knowledge of the different options and choices allows us to tailor your CCTV Warrington solutions to the highest-possible security standards as required by your business.

How much do your CCTV packages cost?

Our team at Tudor CCTV specialises in creating bespoke CCTV solutions to suit the specific needs and goals of the businesses we work with. So, there’s no ‘default’ cost for our services. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs, get in touch with us today on 01925 549079 or fill out our callback form.

What industries do you specialise in?

We have extensive experience installing CCTV across Cheshire, Liverpool, and Manchester for a wide range of different businesses. Our professional expertise spans many industries, from education to hospitality, retail to industrial premises.

Can you meet safety requirements for schools or care homes?

We work directly with businesses to ensure that our high-end CCTV solutions meet specific requirements and adhere to the required regulations. During our first on-site visit, we will discuss the specific safety standards that need to be met. This allows us to tailor your CCTV system to cover all safety standards comprehensively.

Can you provide examples of past work?

If you’d like to discuss our past work or you’d like an example of high-end CCTV systems we’ve installed in the past, get in touch with our expert team today.

Can you offer monitoring for CCTV?

While we don’t offer monitoring as an in-house service, we have an excellent network of approved partners that we can connect you to.

Do you provide maintenance for installed CCTV systems?

Our professional CCTV team can provide regular, ongoing maintenance to ensure that everything remains in top condition following installation. We can discuss this as part of the installation process. We don’t currently offer maintenance on existing CCTV that our expert team hasn’t installed.


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